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Our Story

We are an Australian company, manufacturer of renewable energy product. Our 15 years experience in R&D and engineering has lead to ground breaking ideas in Iron power storage and generation as well as various new methods which we hope will contribute towards a better world tomorrow.

Apart from products, we also provide services that help clean the planet from dangerous and harmful pollutants which are associated with electronic waste products such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc..

Our services have many benefits, one of which helps the local economy while providing a safe and effective way to dispose of e-waste products.

Our efforts to find a more efficient approach in energy storage has lead to more advanced and eco-friendly methods of recycling.

At Energystore Group Pty. Ltd, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead the world  towards a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve.

Contact us today and our friendly team member will help you with our products and services..

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Thanks to our new integrated technology solutions for powdered Iron and Carbon Nano electrodes, Iron Air batteries achieve the best results in charging, discharging and storing energy. We offer a wide range of iron-air and metal-air batteries from 2Ah to 10,000Ah for a wide range of applications:

Household emergency power plants

Outdoor mobile power plants

Charging emergency lighting

Various redundant power supplies

Energystore Group Pty. Ltd is constantly improving its technology, so stay tuned for updates and other changes.

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South Morang  , Victoria , 3752 , Australia


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